horse health

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Horse Healthy

A strong and vibrant horse is a happy and healthy horse.

Health is always a number one priority. Though you need to do everything you can to ensure your family is in good health, it’s important to give your horses that same amount of care, love, and attention.

Here are a few great tips that will help ensure your horse is well cared for and in good health:

1. Keep them active

Regular exercise is imperative to a horse’s physical and mental health. Forcing these free-ranging animals to remain in a stall for 24 hours a day is cruel and will only lead to problems down the line. Instead, encourage your horses to get active as often as possible. Simply having your horses run around will help strengthen their bones, lubricate their joints, and improve gut health.

2. Provide the basics

For a horse to live a happy and healthy life, you need to make sure you’re providing – at the very least – the basics. Here are some of the essential things a horse needs to thrive:

  • A large, safe pasture without any environmental hazards.
  • Quality fencing to keep them protected and within your property.
  • Square or round bale hay feeders.
  • Run in shelters or portable shade structures. 
  • Plenty of love and affection.

3. Minimize stress

Thankfully, horses don’t watch the news as much as humans. But they are still more prone to stress than a lot of other animals. Too much stress can lead to diarrhea, depression, immune system problems, and even ulcers. Horses are nervous creatures, so be sure you’re being very patient during rides or training sessions. Also, it’s always best to slowly introduce new experiences.

4. Choose quality hay

If you’re serious about keeping your horse healthy you need to be serious about the kind of hay you’re purchasing. Opting for cheap hay or low-end commercial feed can lead to nutrient issues later on. Filling your hay feeders with quality roughage will result in a physically fit and jovial horse!

5. Focus on proper grooming

You should be monitoring your horse’s coat daily. If you notice severe dryness or shedding, that could mean some serious health concerns are on the horizon. Learning how to properly groom your horse will build a stronger relationship and provide you with an opportunity to check for injuries or irregularities. 

Additionally, make sure you have all the necessary supplies for horse grooming, including the following:

  • Body brush
  • Grooming gloves
  • Coat conditioner, detangler, and dry shampoo
  • Combs
  • Hoof picks
  • Lead ropes

The saddest sight in the world is a stressed out, hungry, ungroomed horse. Don’t let that happen. As long as you’re keeping these 5 tips in mind, your horse should live a strong and healthy life!