Below is a selection of videos show some of our most popular products including the H-8 Hay Saver Horse Feeder and the Klene Pipe Hay Saver Cattle Feeder (VL-2882). Check back often as we’ll be adding new videos regularly.

Klene Pipe Structures H-8 Hay Feeder for Horses
Klene Pipe H-8 Feeder
Kelene Pipe Structures Hay Saver Feeder for Horses
Loading the Klene Pipe H-8 Feeder
Horses Curious about their new Klene Pipe Feeder
Getting Acquainted with the Klene PIpe H-8 Hay Saver Feeder
Klene Pipe H-8 Hay Saver Feeder for Horses in Use
Klene Pipe Structures Cattle Feeder