Finish Material

The prices listed in our brochure are for the steel frame of the building. The finish material is not included in the price. When the steel frame arrives you will receive written instruction, drawings and the instructional DVD. You will also receive a material list showing what material you will need to finish your new building frame. Click here to see sample finish material list. For your added convenience, we can supply you with the finish material for your frame. We can have any or all of your finish material delivered right to your door. Metal siding or  wood siding, metal roof or shingle roof, bolts, screws and boards. We can help you determine what you want your new building to look like then we can have all or part of the material shipped to you so you can avoid some of those time consuming trips to town. This color chart will vary from the colors on this page simply because the copies are not perfect. This chart will however give a representation of the metal color’s available.
Color Choices for Your Finish Material - Klene Pipe Structures
Color Choices for Your Finish Material