Bunk Feeders

Klene Pipe has been supplying quality made bunk feeders for over 45 years.

Our bunk feeders are made from the highest quality materials. Made with O.D. steel pipe and grade #1 treated lumber, these feeders are durable and built to last.

They are available in multiple sizes for use with calf, sheep, and cattle. We offer combination hay and feed feeders depending on your needs. See product listing below for details. Contact us for more information.

FH-216 Bunk Feeder

Bunk Feeder FH-216

Combination hay and feed fence line bunk feeder designed to hold hay & feed.
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HF-216 Bunk FeederBunk Feeder HF-216

Combination hay and feed bunk feeder is designed to hold both hay and feed. .
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T-216 Bunk FeederBunk Feeder T-216

This cattle feeder has a pipe running down the center to help keep the cattle out.
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