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Klene Pipe Structures has been
manufacturing livestock feeders since 1949.

As you are well aware, the price of hay has gone up drastically in the past year. We can expect the price of hay to keep climbing due to the rising cost of manufacturing the hay itself, so, be ahead of the game and start saving your hay with one of our HAY SAVER livestock and horse feeders. Not only do our hay feeders save hay, they will save you hay for years and years to come.

Click here to view hay savings compairson chart.

Hay Saver Feeders eliminates most hay waste!

Big Bale Feeder for CattleModel # C-7 Hay Feeder
Big Bale Cattle Feeder

Patent # 7418924B2

Model # H-8 Hay Feeder Big Bale Horse Feeder For Horses, Horned Cattle, Donkey's, Llamas, Alpacas, and More

Patent # 7418924B2

Model # BK-6 Hay Feeder
FENCE LINE Big Bale Hay Feeder
Model # W-8 Hay Feeder
Big Bale Cattle Feeder For Small Calves and Full Size Cattle


Model # VL-2882 Hay Feeder

Watch Our Video!


Model STVL-28GF Hay Feeder


Model L-28G Hay Feeder

Model # M-4 Hay Feeder
Mineral Hay Feeder with optional WIK Fly Control.

*All feeders shown with optional roof

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