Run-In Horse Shelter Kits

Wrangler Shelter

Classic Salt Box Style Run In Horse Shelter

Wrangler Run-In Horse Shelter by Klene Pipe Structures
Wrangler Run-In Horse Shelter by Klene Pipe Structures

Our newest model combines the best of both worlds, it has the classic “salt box” style that horse owners love and the strength to be pulled from place to place when needed.

Constructed out of 2 ½” 10 gauge galvanized steel tubing, these frames are built to last a lifetime. The Wrangler comes as frame only or as a complete DIY kit, with everything you need to finish it.  Framing can be added to put up front walls and add doors or gates. A 4’ divider wall every 12’ is standard on models 12’ x 24’ and larger.

  • Available In Many Sizes
  • Portable Design – Can be easily moved at any time with a simple pull. No need to completely disassemble.

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Maverick Shelter

Durable Steel Frame Run-In Horse Shelter

Maverick Run-In Shelter by Klene Pipe Structures
Maverick Run-In Shelter by Klene Pipe Structures

The toughest building frame that you will find anywhere that can withstand the abuse that horses and livestock can dish out! These durable steel building shelter frames are built to withstand not only the snow and wind, but the test of time as well. These shelter frames are completely portable so you can pull them to a new location time and time again! Your horses will love this loafing shed.

Available as a DIY kit, which includes all finish materials or just the galvanized steel frame.

Maverick Shelter Style 22


Our open front, three sided shed has been the mainstay of our company since 1949.

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Maverick Shelter Style G-56


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