Wrangler Run In Horse Shelter Kit

Classic Salt Box Style Run In Horse Shelter

The Wrangler run in horse shelter kit is our top shelter, designed with horse lovers in mind.

Our most popular are our 12′ x 12′ Complete DIY Kit and 12′ x 24′ Complete DIY Horse Shelter Kits

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Wrangler Run In Horse Shelter

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    “Our two horses love their new Wrangler Run-In shelter, and always enter it whenever the wind picks up, or during a rainstorm.” – Gary & Stephanie Williams, Lockwood Ranch, Edgewood, NM

    Details of the Wrangler Run In Horse Shelter Kits:

    Constructed out of the same 10 gauge galvanized steel as the Maverick, it has that classic “salt box” roof that looks great in your pasture. The Wrangler run in horse shelter has everything you need for your horses with the portability that makes it so desirable. Just hook onto the runners and drag it from pasture to pasture as needed.

    The Wrangler horse shelter also comes with a standard 4’ divider wall every 12’, to give your horses the extra protection they need. Unlike wooden structures that will lose their integrity more and more after each year, our buildings will not. The Wrangler is built to withstand the punishment that your horses can dish out, for not just years, but decades!
    Klene Pipe Structure's Wrangler Run-In Shelters

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    Wrangler Run In Horse Shelter

    Available as frame only or complete DIY horse shelter kit!

    Complete kit includes:

    • Galvanized steel frame
    • Lumber
    • Steel siding
    • Trim
    • Kick boards
    • Plus all hardware

    Extra framing can be added to make stalls out of any or all sections. Stall doors and grill dividers are not supplied, but the Wrangler Horse Shelter will accommodate most of them.

    Available sizes include, but are not limited to:

    • 12’ x 12’
    • 12’ x 24’
    • 12’ x 36’
    • 12’ x 48’

    The Wrangler horse shelter kit comes with a 9’ peak and a 7’ back, but if you want a little extra head room for your draft horses, we can make it a 10’ peak with an 8’ back. There are multiple ways that you can finish your Wrangler building, but one thing’s for sure, when you’re done, you will have the longest lasting, most durable and most portable run in shelter that you can find anywhere.