Hay Saver Feeders

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As you are well aware, the price of hay has gone up drastically in the past year. We can expect the price of hay to keep climbing due to the rising cost of manufacturing the hay itself, so, be ahead of the game and start saving your hay with one of our HAY SAVER livestock and horse feeders. Not only do our hay feeders save hay, they will save you hay for years and years to come.

Hay Saver Feeders eliminates most hay waste!

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Hay Saver Feeder C-7

Big Bale Cattle Hay Feeder
Patent # 7418924B2

Our C-7 hay saver cattle feeder is built with maximum hay savings in mind. The stanchion bars on the outside are there to keep the cattle in place and the fold down grills are there to keep the cattle from burying their heads. Constructed out of 10 gauge galvanized steel tubing, and modified to put a 12′ x 12′ roof on,  this feeder will pay for itself over and over again.

  • Available in two sizes – 7′ wide x 7′ long OR 7′ wide x 12′ long
  • Delivery available anywhere in the lower 48 states

Hay Saver Feeder H-8 

Big Bale Hay Feeder
For Horses, Horned Cattle, Donkey’s, Llamas, Alpacas, and More
Patent # 7418924B2


Hay Saver Feeder W-8 

Calf and Cattle Hay Feeder

A large bale feeder that will accommodate your small calves as well as your full size cattle. Whether you are feeding a group of feeder calves, or the whole herd, the W-8 will handle it with maximum hay savings. The unique design of this feeder is what makes it all possible, the bottom is narrow, so the calves can reach the center, yet the top of the basket is still large enough to hold a big round bale. The W-8 comes fully assembled with #1 treated lumber and ready for use. An end gate can be added so a roof can easily be put on.

  • Available in 12’ and 16’ models.
  • Not available for shipping in some areas.


Hay Saver Feeder VL-2882

Combination Hay Feeder and Grain Feeder
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The VL-2882 feeder is 7’ 3” wide and comes with a hay saver basket so the hay “funnels” to the center of the feeder from every angle. Feeds up to a 6’ round bale, silage and feed. The VL model comes with #1 treated lumber and the end boards lift out for easy clean up. We can also add an end gate if you would like to put a roof over it for even more hay savings. If you’re using big square bales, we offer this in a 12’ model and if you would like to put 2 large round bales in it, we have a 16’ model. This is one tough feeder that will last for decades!

  • Due to shipping restrictions, the VL series is not available in all areas

Combination Hay Feeder and Grain Feeder

Hay Saver Feeder STVL-2882GF

Combination Hay and Grain Feeder

This combination feeder will service any animal over 4’ tall. It is a great feeder for horses, horned cattle, exotics and everything else you might have. This feeder is especially popular for highland cattle. It will hold big round bales up to 6’ x 6’. The basket keeps the hay funneling to the center so the animals must continuously reach for it. Made from 10 gauge galvanized steel tubing, this feeder is built to last. Let us know if you want brackets at the corners to put a roof on.

  • Due to shipping restrictions, the STVL-2882GF is not available in all areas.
  • See the H-8 Feeder which is comparable.

Hay Saver Feeder BK-6 


Big Bale Fence Line Hay Feeder

Model BK-6 is designed so you can feed large round or big square bales in a fence line, no more going into the lot to feed. Not only will the BK-6 save hay, it will save you a lot of time and effort. The cattle go through a series of stanchion bars to minimize waste and the feeder is designed to connect as many 6’ sections together as you like.

  • The BK-6 is sold as frame only.
  • A minimal amount of lumber is needed to finish the bunk.


Livestock Mineral Feeder M-4

Mineral Feeder with optional Fly Control
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