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H-8 Horse Hay Feeder

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Round Bale Hay Feeder for Horses
Also suitable for Horned Cattle, Donkey’s, Llamas, Alpacas, and more.
Patent # 7418924B2



Product Description

The H-8 hay feeders were designed specifically for horses, but work well for a variety of other animals including horned cattle, donkey’s, llamas, alpacas, and more. Think about it, most horse hay feeders were originally cattle feeders that have been modified to make them “sort of work” for horses. Years have gone into the research and development of these hay feeders that have been built from the ground up with only horses in mind. Our recent discovery shows this design also works well with similar sized animals. Whether you’re using small squares, large squares or big round bales, we have the model that will fit your needs. These feeders were designed for maximum hay savings with your animals safety in mind.

  • Patented Fold Down Hay Saving Technology – Our patented fold down grills are designed to make it impossible for your animal to bury it’s head in their hay. This helps to eliminate breathing problems from inhaling hay dust and reduce eye irritation from animals being poked in the eye by hay stems.
  • Regulate Access – Grills can be locked into the upright position to block your animals access to their hay bale. This feature allows you to regulate hay feeding,  makes it safer for your animals while you are loading a new hay bale.
  • Easy Cleaning – The grill locking feature makes cleaning a breeze. Simply lock grills in the upright position for full access to the hay feeder.
  • Attach Your Own DIY Roof – The H-8 Hay Feeder has brackets to attach allowing you to attach your own DIY roof. Adding a roof will help keep your hay dry and provide shade and shelter for your animals.
  • Built in Floor – The H-8 Hay Feeder has a built in floor to keep your hay bale off of the ground, for dry, fresh hay.
  • Waste Free Design – It’s amazing how much hay this feeder really saves! Some assembly required and the floor lumber is included.
  • Choose Your Length – Available in 7′, 10′ and 12′ lengths.
  • Custom Sizes Available – Draft horse models also available, contact us for more information.
  • For Round or Small Hay Bales – The 7′ hay feeder model can be used with a large round bale or several small square bales. The 10′ model can be used for a large square, 2 smaller round bales, or several small squares. The 12′ model can hold 2 large round bales, 1 big square bale, or several small square bales.

View a video of the H-8 Hay Saver Feeder below. You’ll see how the H-8 Hay Saver Horse Feeder works. Safe, durable and cost effective. Fits big round bales or big square bales.

3 reviews for H-8 Horse Hay Feeder

  1. 5 out of 5


    As manager of Michigan State Universities Horse Teaching and Research Center I am often asked to try new products. When Klene Pipe Structure asked me to comment on their new hay feeder the H-8, I was happy to do so. I found the H-8 to be one of the most attractive hay feeders on the market. It not only looks nice it helps reduce hay waste thus saving money. Filling the feeder is very easy for both small round bales and square bales. I have been happy with the H-8 feeder by Klene Pipe Structures.

    Paula Hitzler
    Manager- MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center

  2. 5 out of 5


    I’ve purchased 4 feeders on the last six years. The first two mistakes were steel round stock feeders that quickly became hazardous with rusty welds popping loose leaving sharp edges everywhere. The third feeder was a made of PVC plastic which didn’t rust but it didn’t keep the hay in the feeder very well either. Then when the horses all had 12 inch gaps on the top of their heads where their mane used to be, I realized they were rubbing off their mane on yet another worthless feeder. I started peeking around on the Internet and came across Klene feeders. One week later our H-8 feeder was delivered. My husband and I had it assembled and into operation the same evening. Wow! What a difference! The hay is off of the ground, the wind doesn’t blow it all over, the horses aren’t rubbing off body parts, we feel we are getting another day out of our large round bales, and everything is simply cleaner and more orderly. I only wish I’d found you sooner!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Due to health issues we had to remove our horses from the 12 acres of pasture they have become accustomed to (round the clock grazing). We needed a feeding solution that would allow free grazing and where we wouldn’t have to be restocking the feeder twice a day. The H-8 feeder did the trick! We have added a hay net over our round bales which slows the horses down a bit more. It’s easy to load, easy to clean, and has already withstood one major wind storm here in NJ. We are very pleased with this product!

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