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Stall Barn Frame Parts and Accessories

We also manufacture center dividing grills and
stall fronts that bolt directly to our building frames.

Give your stalls a professional finished look with our stall dividers and, or front grills for any of our buildings.  Built with 3/4" OD tubing over a channel crib guard to accommodate your 2"x 8" lumber used as a kick board.  Stall components can be purchased individuall or as a two stall kit.

Two stall kit includes:  (1) grilled divider wall, (2) bolt on front grills, and (2) Klene Pipe brand sliding doors, less lumber.


Our stall divider includes the vertical grill welded in a solid unit.  The grill lines up with a frame pipe below that allows you to apply your 2" x 8" lumber vertically from grill to frame to create a solid kick wall.





The sliding door comes with all of the hardware and track to hang it.  The entire grill can be locked into place or folded down out of the way.


Please, email us at klenepipe@etczone.com or call our
sales office at 1-800-876-9721 for a price quote. 



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